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1. To do a Better Job at a better price-

ATech Cleaning has been established to meet the needs of clients that require cleaning solutions and advice, tailored to their specific needs.

Our experience from the many years in the industry can tailor a package for your premises ‘To do a Better Job at a better price’ from your current cleaners. I will gladly sit with you and work out a package for your organization that will fit your budgets and effectiveness ATech Cleaning ensures security and standards are not compromised by ensuring we have continuation of standards and services by allocating the same cleaners to your premises for long periods. Unfortunately, many other companies employ people with no background or training in cleaning and then expect them to service the client’s needs. This poses a security risk by allowing many people to know the office/home layout and security codes. All our cleaners have up to date Police clearances and any client can request to view a police clearance of the cleaner at their site.

Due to our Involvement and experience in the cleaning Industry, since 2010 we can source and accommodate any extra services you might require. ATech Cleaning has affiliations with professional Window cleaners, carpet, cleaners, vertical blind, and curtain cleaners and more. Let us do all your worrying and allow us to organize your complete cleaning package.

Most of our clients have come from word of mouth which we believe is the best endorsement of a successful business. Our clients consist of domestic homes, surgeries, processing plants, offices, disability sector, transport departments and more.

We are an immensely proud Australian Company and are also proud to be associated with so many diverse companies. The cleaning industry is an extremely competitive market, yet our clients have shown loyalty and appreciatIon in what we have been able to offer their organization over a long Period & time.

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2. To provide customers with a level of cleaning services unequalled in the cleaning industry.

ATech’s philosophy is to provide a wholesome friendly cleaning service that creates a clean happy environment for all our clients. Our cleaning company has succeeded in delivering top quality customer care. From a small run family business to a well-established company, we continue to pay attention to quality control and customer care.

Experience the ATech Difference

ATech uses natural organic base cleaning solutions. This will give you an excellent cleaning result but also works extremely well as a sanitizer, germicide, deodorizer and sterilizer.

A Tech main cleaning solutions are.

1. Orange oil base cleaner 

This is an excellent stronger safer hygienic cleaner that gives an excellent cleaning result which also sterilizes, sanitizes and deodorizes and lifts the mood and spirit of the resident of the home and work environment. Mainly used in the kitchen, and laundry.

2. Lemon oil base cleaner. 

Used in Bathrooms, Toilets and the laundry. Also used on office desks, furniture and hard floors. Lemon oil base cleaner inhibits mould and promotes a higher sense of hygiene and calmness and improves the mood of the home and work environment.

3. Lavender oil base cleaners 

Lavender oil base cleaners are safer cleaners that promotes calmness and will give you a good night’s sleep. Mainly used in bedrooms.

4. Eucalyptus oil base cleaners.

Eucalyptus oil base cleaners are an excellent safer hygienic all round cleaner for all around the house or work environment.

Home » About

Customers continually praise us on the cleaning services we have provided at their site. Whether its Offices, Domestic, NDIS, Medical,Commercial Accommodation, Building/Construction, Factory, Mining Accommodation, Health Accommodation, School, Deep Clean and End of Lease cleaning. ATech will deliver a cleaning standard that impresses. Again customers are always impressed with the cleanliness, hygiene, smell consistency and reliability of our cleaning service.