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We understand that aged seniors in their private homes require specialised cleaning, and attention, and that’s why at A Tech Cleaning, we offer reliable aged care cleaning services in Orange. Our team of specialised cleaners tackle dust and dirt accumulating in each and every corner. We aren’t afraid of the muck, and we clean with passion until everything looks spick and span. Since our establishment in 2010, we have helped various domestic & commercial clients maintain a clean looking property. Not just that! Over the years, we have gained immense knowledge and experience, which has helped us achieve an enviable reputation in the industry.

Using advanced equipment and biodegradable cleaning products, we remove dirt down to the last particle and leave you with a spotlessly clean property.

From high-level dusting to mopping floors and cleaning curtains, we provide all types of cleaning services at a better price. Call now to discuss your requirements, and we assure you we will arrive for the service shortly!

Aged Care Cleaning Orange, NSW

Due to chronic diseases and compromised immune systems, older persons are more prone to infections. To limit the danger of illness spreading among patients, aged care cleaning must maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Cleaning employees can maintain circumstances that meet or exceed cleanliness criteria by following strict, formalised cleaning methods and receiving frequent training. 

Cleaning processes are documented to ensure that important procedures are never neglected or forgotten. Furthermore, auditing cleaning processes on a regular basis helps guarantee that any voids in cleaning programs are rectified. The hygiene programme at the home should be well-governed. An organisational chart illustrating the links between cleaning services and internal workers may be useful. Each item of the cleaning schedule must always be clear as to who is accountable for it.

Cleaning is not just an additional service for Aged Care providers; it’s also an important aspect of community health. The elderly are particularly sensitive to sickness, thus keeping the surroundings clean should be a top focus. We recognise that older citizens in their own homes require specialised cleaning and care, which is why A Tech Cleaning provides dependable aged care cleaning services in Orange, NSW.

Our team of professional cleaners tackles the dust and debris that has accumulated in every nook and cranny. We aren’t frightened of mud, and we clean relentlessly until everything is spotless. Since our inception in 2010, we have assisted a variety of home and commercial clients in maintaining a clean appearance. That’s not all! We’ve accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience over the years, which has helped us establish an exceptional reputation in the business.

Carpet cleaning, lounge cleaning, general cleaning, office cleaning, laundry, gardening, tile & grout cleaning, and other services are available. We believe that no job is too big or too small for us, and our work reflects this idea. Our highly skilled workforce has been thoroughly verified, trained, and licensed. We supply you with all of the facts about the cleaners so that you are surrounded by familiar faces during the contract, and if you enjoy their services, we prefer sending them to service your property again.

We remove filth down until the last grain with innovative technology and biodegradable cleaning chemicals, leaving you with a perfectly clean property. We offer all types of cleaning services at a lower cost, from high-level dusting to mopping floors and cleaning drapes. Contact now to discuss your needs, and be assured that we will be at your doorstep in no time!

Aged Care Cleaning Services in Orange - A Tech Cleaning
Aged Care cleaning Orange NSW - A Tech Cleaning

What We offer

We offer 12 years of cleaning experience, which sets us apart from the others in the industry. Having built strong relationships with other cleaning companies in Orange, we are able to help you with all your cleaning needs.

Be it carpet cleaning, lounge cleaning, general cleaning, office cleaning, laundry, gardening, tile & grout cleaning etc. No job is too big or too small for us, and such philosophy reflects in the quality of our work.

Our highly experienced team of professionals is vetted, trained, and licensed. In order to ensure you are surrounded by familiar faces throughout the contract, we provide you with all the details about the cleaners, and if you like their services, we prefer sending them to service your property again.

Why Choose US?

You will want the most reliable cleaning service for your home. A service that ensures ultra-clean surfaces, windows & all the corners, follows sustainable practices and maintains hygiene at all times.

And that's just what we do

Aged Care Cleaning

The elderly should receive the best medical treatment and attention.

You would want the elders to feel cared for, and a clean and trustworthy atmosphere is the first step. Cleaning assistance becomes a challenge for many elderly care private homes.

We take guardianship of the (actual) dirty labour for you, so you don’t have to.

So you can focus on what matters.

We understand the need for reliable people around the elderly, and we are one of the most trusted firms in the aged care industry. After years of exposure and experience, we have got this position with the aged. If you are here on the website, you are probably looking for aged care cleaning services for yourself or your parents, or the one you love.

Our cleaners exclusively use natural, non-toxic cleaning agents, and we place a strong focus on infection control and safety standards. Our cleaners do routine site inspections to verify that all spaces, including bedrooms, dining, laundry, and function spaces, meet all criteria.

We know the importance of care concerning the elderly. Our seniors require the extra help just like kids, and we are here to help without any questions. Our aged care professional can assist you in keeping your house in good condition. When completing duties, unlike a housekeeper, your care worker prioritises your health and safety. They collaborate with you to help you keep the independence you need to live comfortably in your own home.

We understand that an elderly would want to garden if he/she has tended and nurtured the flowers for several years. We take the task upon ourselves to water the plants or help you in watering the plants. This way, the elderly can participate in small home chores and be a little active while we take up the bigger tasks at hand.

Mopping and cleaning the nooks and crannies, arranging the furniture, vacuuming or even shopping with you. You name it, and we do it all.

Reliable Aged Care Cleaning

Are you an elderly person or a care facility struggling with:

Erratic age care workers?
Micro-managing workers?
Cleaners not showing up?

Well lucky for you, A Tech Cleaning is now in the picture. We take our services very seriously. Our workers show devotion to their work and your house as if it were their own.

Our workers are always on time every time you book our services. So no more untidy corners of your house or your care facility. We manage everything from start to finish. Making sure our clients are happy & satisfied with the work.



Yes, aged care cleaning services are unquestionably worth it. While services like food etc., may be important, the first step of a healthy home is cleanliness. Our firm can help you in this department. We are a local Australian cleaning service, and yes, we do it well and with devotion. We are not merchants; we just seek to make your life more comfortable.

What Our Clients & Customers Say

Sam Russell
Sam Russell
As an NDIS participant, I was eligible for a cleaning service. A Tech Cleaning was recommended to me by my plan manager so that's what I went with, and let me tell you there isn't a better duo for the job. Terry and Pasit have been doing an incredible job. They're very easy to talk to, and very kind and understanding individuals. They've been very transparent with all communication, and keeping us updated with what is happening with our service. Both of my household members have a disability, and sometimes cleaning can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes the grime can build up in hard to clean areas - our shower particularly stands out. Terry and Pasit tackle the hard jobs and take it in their stride. Furthermore, there is no judgement from them for falling behind in such tasks. They have their own extensive gear and bring with them the right materials for the job, and every time they leave, the house is in beautiful condition, I cannot recommend Terry and Pasit from A Tech Cleaning enough.
Bradley Henly
Bradley Henly
I was looking for construction cleaning services, Terry did a wonderful job; the staff was very thorough and took the time to clean every small detail. I'm very happy with their job, and the price was on point.
Imelda Dwian
Imelda Dwian
We just moving to orange and company provided us a house for 2 Months, Terry and Pasit come once a week to clean the house, every time they "touched" the house feels like I won't going anywhere but stayed at home :), like a magic the house looks shiny, smell good and absolutely cleaned . They use a good chemical that safe for people and environment. Recommended.
Tamara Murphy
Tamara Murphy
Pasit Gorham Impeccable on all levels. Her work skills, modesty and attention to detail is beyond reproach. Fresh, clean and happy. Their natural products a real gift for the household.
Richard Cregan
Richard Cregan
Easy to deal with. They turn up on time when they say they would and do a great job
Cook Yard Maintenance
Cook Yard Maintenance
Terry and his wife are amazing at what they do. I’ve seen them bring houses that should have been gutted back to brand new. They have a very high standard of work that is hard to find these days.
Mark Salmon
Mark Salmon
Thank you guys for doing an awesome job cleaning our home and windows. looks like new again. Highly recommend
John Lazarevic
John Lazarevic
I’d just like to thank A Tech Cleaning for house cleaning job well done at my new house over in Orange. Team are such a polite, on time, reliable cleaners. A rare breed these days. The house looks amazing. A proper professional