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Transit your house to home by giving it shine and hygiene. We are Atech cleaning firmly believe that a clean home is a happy home, it reeks out positive vibes, fills the air with happiness and keeps your family healthy, happy and content. So, whether it is your flooring that demands attention or bedrooms or room toilets, we are specialized in providing all types of house cleaning services in Bathurst.

Our residential cleaning services include:

  1. Kitchen cleaning
  2. Bathroom cleaning
  3. Floorings
  4. Living areas
  5. Laundry tubs

Our dedicated house cleaning staff will transform your home from a grimy untidy place to an attractive and shiny dwelling. All our services are budget-friendly and economically priced so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to afford a task as important as house cleaning.

We are all ears when it comes to your requirements, just guide us through your needs and we will try our best to finish the job with high precision and care. Book an appointment with us today for a cleaner and a shinier home. We promise we won’t disappoint.

Professional House Cleaners in Bathurst, NSW

ATech Cleaning was established to meet every cleaning needs of clients in Bathurst. We began as a family business. Today our growth is just because of the reliable cleaning services. We also tailor our services to the particular needs of our clients. Because of our involvement and experience in the cleaning industry, we have been able to source and accommodate any additional services you may require since 2010.

Unfortunately, many other businesses hire people with no training in cleaning and then expect them to meet the needs of their clients. This also creates a security risk by allowing different people to know the layout of the office/home and security codes. A Tech Cleaning has professional affiliations with window cleaners, carpet cleaners, vertical blind and curtain cleaners, and others. All of our cleaners have current police clearances, and any client can request to see the cleaner’s police clearance at their location.

The majority of our customers have come to us through word of mouth, which we believe is the best endorsement of a successful business. Domestic residences, industrial plants, offices, the disability sector, transportation departments, and other organisations are among our clients.

We are extremely proud of our cleaning services in Bathurst. We are also proud to be associated with such a wide range of businesses. Allow us to handle all of your worries and organise your entire cleaning package. Call us for a price quote or to book an appointment.

Why Choose Us for Cleaning Services in Bathurst?

A Tech’s philosophy is to provide a healthy, friendly cleaning service that results in a clean, happy environment for all of our clients. From a small family-run business to a well-established firm, we have maintained a focus on quality control and customer service. Customers consistently compliment us on the cleaning services we have provided at their location. A Tech will deliver a cleaning standard that pleases you. Whether it is domestic, office, building, factory, health accommodation, school, deep clean, or end-of-lease cleaning, our services are supreme. Customers are consistently impressed with the tidiness, hygiene, odour consistency, and dependability of our cleaning company. Book an appointment to see for yourself.


What do most house cleaners charge per hour in Bathurst?

The cost of our house cleaning services charged by professional cleaners varies depending on several factors, such as the size and condition of the property, the complexity of the job, and your requirements. For an exact estimate, contact us today!

What are the 4 types of services ATech Cleaning provides in Bathurst?

In Bathurst, we offer a range of cleaning services, including residential and commercial cleaning, building and construction cleaning, aged care private home cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, and NDIS cleaning.

How long does it take to clean a house?

The duration of cleaning depends on factors like the size, number of rooms, and condition. An average of two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room takes around 3-4 hours for complete cleaning.

Office cleaning in Orange NSW - A Tech Cleaning

Office Cleaning

At each and every visit all oUnks are cleaned with an organic base hygienic cleaner and sterilizer leaving them smelling great. Bin are emptied and garbage disposed, Bin liners are replaced. All Office Furniture is cleaned, light Switches and Door Knobs are Sanitized, all glass surfaces are left sparkling clean. Carpets are thoughly vacuumed and hard floors cleaned mopped/polished and sanitized.

Reception Areas Cleaning - A Tech Cleaning

Reception Areas and Meeting Rooms

Are kept fully cleaned smelling great to our highest standard with the emphasis on great presentation so all your clients and customers are left with a good and happy impression of your Business and Organization.

Office Kitchens Cleaning in Orange - A Tech Cleaning

Office Kitchens

All kitchen bench tops are hygienically cleaned, sanitized and sterilized with our organic base cleaners. Garbage bins are emptied and Bin Liners are replaced. Sinks are left sparkling clean and micro waves and Fridge doors are cleaned.

Lunch Room Cleaning in Orange - A Tech Cleaning

Lunch Rooms

Lunch room tables benches, micro waves and sinks are hygienically cleaned and sanitized with a safer organic base cleaner. Bins are emptied and Bin liners replaced. Floors are vacuumed or mopped with a santizer and steralizer cleaning solution.

Toilets + Bathrooms Cleaning in Orange - A Tech Cleaning

Toilets and Bathrooms

Toilets are systematically and thoughly each and every visit. Hygiene and cleanness is extremely important to A Tech cleaning and to your organization. A Tech has a very high standard on cleaning, sterilizing, sanitizing and deodorizing Bathrooms and Toilets. All Toilets are cleaned inside and outside from top to bottom and left sparkling clean. Mirrors are cleaned and squeegeed to a clean streak free sparkling finish. All basins and taps are hygienically cleaned and sanitized. All bins are emptied and garbage disposed, floors are cleaned with an organic base Germaside, Sterilizer, deodorizer and Switzer

Periodic Deep/General Cleaning Services

According to the good practices in addition to the routine cleaning in a facility, it is recommended to include deep cleaning scheduled services which complement the maintenance cleaning services and ensure proper asset maintenance:

• Floor deep cleaning

• Toilet deep cleaning, including steam cleaning and disinfection

• High reach areas cleaning, including lighting fixtures,

• External displays and signs

• Annual Blind washing

• Carpet cleaning

Neighbourhood in Bathurst


What Our Clients & Customers Say

Sam Russell
Sam Russell
As an NDIS participant, I was eligible for a cleaning service. A Tech Cleaning was recommended to me by my plan manager so that's what I went with, and let me tell you there isn't a better duo for the job. Terry and Pasit have been doing an incredible job. They're very easy to talk to, and very kind and understanding individuals. They've been very transparent with all communication, and keeping us updated with what is happening with our service. Both of my household members have a disability, and sometimes cleaning can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes the grime can build up in hard to clean areas - our shower particularly stands out. Terry and Pasit tackle the hard jobs and take it in their stride. Furthermore, there is no judgement from them for falling behind in such tasks. They have their own extensive gear and bring with them the right materials for the job, and every time they leave, the house is in beautiful condition, I cannot recommend Terry and Pasit from A Tech Cleaning enough.
Bradley Henly
Bradley Henly
I was looking for construction cleaning services, Terry did a wonderful job; the staff was very thorough and took the time to clean every small detail. I'm very happy with their job, and the price was on point.
Imelda Dwian
Imelda Dwian
We just moving to orange and company provided us a house for 2 Months, Terry and Pasit come once a week to clean the house, every time they "touched" the house feels like I won't going anywhere but stayed at home :), like a magic the house looks shiny, smell good and absolutely cleaned . They use a good chemical that safe for people and environment. Recommended.
Tamara Murphy
Tamara Murphy
Pasit Gorham Impeccable on all levels. Her work skills, modesty and attention to detail is beyond reproach. Fresh, clean and happy. Their natural products a real gift for the household.
Richard Cregan
Richard Cregan
Easy to deal with. They turn up on time when they say they would and do a great job
Cook Yard Maintenance
Cook Yard Maintenance
Terry and his wife are amazing at what they do. I’ve seen them bring houses that should have been gutted back to brand new. They have a very high standard of work that is hard to find these days.
Mark Salmon
Mark Salmon
Thank you guys for doing an awesome job cleaning our home and windows. looks like new again. Highly recommend
John Lazarevic
John Lazarevic
I’d just like to thank A Tech Cleaning for house cleaning job well done at my new house over in Orange. Team are such a polite, on time, reliable cleaners. A rare breed these days. The house looks amazing. A proper professional
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