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Professional After Builders Cleaning Services Orange, NSW

ATech cleaning caters for the Building and Construction industry with strength, confidence and reliability to ensure the job is right and on time.

It is unnecessary to convey the importance of keeping your construction sites and infrastructure clean. Your construction site or building should always use the best safety procedure and meet the necessary standards. By using the services of a construction cleaning business you can save time and keep you focused on your construction project. A Tech Cleaning was founded to cater to the demands of clients who seek cleaning solutions and assistance that are personalised to their individual requirements. A Tech’s concept is to deliver a healthy, friendly cleaning service that leaves all of our clients in a tidy, comfortable environment. We have been able to obtain and fulfil any additional services you may require since 2010 as a result of our presence and knowledge in the cleaning industry. Professional window cleaners, carpet cleaners, vertical blind and curtain cleaners, and more are all affiliated with ATech Cleaning. Allow us to take care of all your worries and organise your entire cleaning package. 

Construction cleanup businesses provide the following building and construction cleaning services: 

  • Garbage collection 
  • Toilets, bathtubs, and restrooms cleaning
  • Kitchen fittings, basins, and mirrors cleaning and polishing
  • Vacuuming and polishing the walls 
  • All external and interior windows, including window tracks and frames, cleaning
  • Cupboards, vanities, and counters refining
  • Shining fixtures 
  • Cleansing and dusting all utility closets, light fixtures, and storage spaces 
  • Tile floor scrubbing and refinishing

Hiring construction cleaning services prior to your clients moving in or using the property  brings tremendous comfort, financial savings, and stress-free post-construction maintenance. 

Importance of Cleaning After Construction and Renovation

Cleaning up the mess left behind after a building’s construction can be exhausting and time-consuming. It’s also potentially hazardous. Having a professional clean-up done is safe, quick, and well worth the money. Commercial cleaners have more experience dealing with post- and pre-construction sites. You and your coworkers or family members are probably unsure where to begin or how to complete the assignment appropriately. Cleaning professionals know where to search for messes and how to clean them properly. Commercial cleaners have far more expertise in post- and pre-construction sites. You and your coworkers or family members are probably unsure where to start or how to complete the assignment appropriately. Cleaning professionals know where to search for damages and how to clean them properly. This is due to the fact that some of the items you must clean are only seen to skilled eyes and are not visible to an inexperienced cleaner. When you entrust work to professionals, you can rest assured that nothing will go unnoticed. A Tech Cleaning was founded to cater to the demands of clients who seek cleaning solutions and assistance that are personalised to their individual requirements. Through a continued dedication to reliability, excellent service, and precision, A Tech Cleaning has positioned itself as a premium after-building cleaning services firm.

Why Choose Us for Your Post-Construction Cleaning Needs?

Maintaining a building is more than just about maintaining its aesthetics. It is more about maintaining its longevity and your commitment to excellence, professionalism, and the well-being of its residents. With years of expertise, experience and utmost professionalism, we are your best bet when it comes to the impeccable appearance and hygiene of your building.

Our expert cleaners will deliver exceptional service, utilising their expertise and experience in diverse cleaning services. We provide tailored cleaning solutions best suited to your needs. Our obsession with details and unwavering professionalism ensure every inch of your building is squeaky clean and tidied up. We take a client-centric approach to delivering the best cleaning service possible with a customised cleaning plan.

ATech Cleaning stands out with its unique approach and commitment to excellence. If you are looking for a reliable and expert building cleaning service, contact us today!

Other Services

We have Public Liability Insurance of 20 Million Dollars, all our cleaners have police clearances which can include, working with children or aged care clearances etc. We have white card accreditation. Our cleaners have full training, which includes safe handling of chemicals, safe cleaning methods, client awareness, and are evaluated for honesty, reliability, and empathy. Call us today for a free no obligation quote for your business or premises on 0456615923.

What Our Clients & Customers Say

Sam Russell
Sam Russell
As an NDIS participant, I was eligible for a cleaning service. A Tech Cleaning was recommended to me by my plan manager so that's what I went with, and let me tell you there isn't a better duo for the job. Terry and Pasit have been doing an incredible job. They're very easy to talk to, and very kind and understanding individuals. They've been very transparent with all communication, and keeping us updated with what is happening with our service. Both of my household members have a disability, and sometimes cleaning can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes the grime can build up in hard to clean areas - our shower particularly stands out. Terry and Pasit tackle the hard jobs and take it in their stride. Furthermore, there is no judgement from them for falling behind in such tasks. They have their own extensive gear and bring with them the right materials for the job, and every time they leave, the house is in beautiful condition, I cannot recommend Terry and Pasit from A Tech Cleaning enough.
Bradley Henly
Bradley Henly
I was looking for construction cleaning services, Terry did a wonderful job; the staff was very thorough and took the time to clean every small detail. I'm very happy with their job, and the price was on point.
Imelda Dwian
Imelda Dwian
We just moving to orange and company provided us a house for 2 Months, Terry and Pasit come once a week to clean the house, every time they "touched" the house feels like I won't going anywhere but stayed at home :), like a magic the house looks shiny, smell good and absolutely cleaned . They use a good chemical that safe for people and environment. Recommended.
Tamara Murphy
Tamara Murphy
Pasit Gorham Impeccable on all levels. Her work skills, modesty and attention to detail is beyond reproach. Fresh, clean and happy. Their natural products a real gift for the household.
Richard Cregan
Richard Cregan
Easy to deal with. They turn up on time when they say they would and do a great job
Cook Yard Maintenance
Cook Yard Maintenance
Terry and his wife are amazing at what they do. I’ve seen them bring houses that should have been gutted back to brand new. They have a very high standard of work that is hard to find these days.
Mark Salmon
Mark Salmon
Thank you guys for doing an awesome job cleaning our home and windows. looks like new again. Highly recommend
John Lazarevic
John Lazarevic
I’d just like to thank A Tech Cleaning for house cleaning job well done at my new house over in Orange. Team are such a polite, on time, reliable cleaners. A rare breed these days. The house looks amazing. A proper professional
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